Growing Taxiphyllum & Vesicularia Moss Terrestrially

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Growing Tax & Ves Moss

Two of my personal favorite moss species for dart frog vivariums are Taxiphyllum and Vesicularia. Commonly known as ‘Java’ and ‘Christmas’ moss, these attractive mosses are most often used in aquaria, however, they are also fantastic candidates for use as terrestrial ground cover. Aquatically these mosses can produce bushy, fern-like growth, and be used in various applications such as carpet, branch, or rock cover. They act very similarly when grown terrestrially, but differ slightly in appearance. They are fairly undemanding, do not require overly bright lighting solutions, and can get a long just fine on low nutrient substrates. Given appropriate conditions, and a successful transition period, both Taxiphyllum and Vesicularia will thrive emersed or terrestrially just as well as they do submersed. Read More