Dart Frogs

The Sinkhole: An Interesting New Hardscape – Part 1

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Whenever I consider creating a new enclosure, I think about how I might be able to make things more interesting by doing something differently. Whether it is the shape of the enclosure itself, the hardscape, the equipment/materials I am intending to use, or the inhabitants, I want to try and push the envelope just a little bit further with each build. This sense of adventure and discovery is what I believe helps us all improve our hobby, our own individual skills as hobbyists, and ultimately leads to amazing looking displays.
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Frog Vivariums Vs Reef Aquariums

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Once introduced, I fell completely in love with reef aquariums and all of their incredible biodiversity. Reef aquariums held an unparalleled appeal due to all of their intricate and interesting levels as an ecosystem. So many elements such as flow, lighting, filtration, aquascaping, and dosing have to come together in just the right way for a reef aquarium to flourish, and for every critter from the smallest amphipod, to the largest colony of coral, to thrive. Reefkeeping was unparalleled until I came to discover what I consider to be reefkeeping’s terrestrial counterpart. Planted dart frog vivariums have the same unmistakable appeal that reefkeeping holds.
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