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Growing Taxiphyllum & Vesicularia Moss Terrestrially

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Growing Tax & Ves Moss

Two of my personal favorite moss species for dart frog vivariums are Taxiphyllum and Vesicularia. Commonly known as ‘Java’ and ‘Christmas’ moss, these attractive mosses are most often used in aquaria, however, they are also fantastic candidates for use as terrestrial ground cover. Aquatically these mosses can produce bushy, fern-like growth, and be used in various applications such as carpet, branch, or rock cover. They act very similarly when grown terrestrially, but differ slightly in appearance. They are fairly undemanding, do not require overly bright lighting solutions, and can get a long just fine on low nutrient substrates. Given appropriate conditions, and a successful transition period, both Taxiphyllum and Vesicularia will thrive emersed or terrestrially just as well as they do submersed. Read More

Frog Vivariums Vs Reef Aquariums

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Header Reefs Vs Vivs

Once introduced, I fell completely in love with reef aquariums and all of their incredible biodiversity. Reef aquariums held an unparalleled appeal due to all of their intricate and interesting levels as an ecosystem. So many elements such as flow, lighting, filtration, aquascaping, and dosing have to come together in just the right way for a reef aquarium to flourish, and for every critter from the smallest amphipod, to the largest colony of coral, to thrive. Reefkeeping was unparalleled until I came to discover what I consider to be reefkeeping’s terrestrial counterpart. Planted dart frog vivariums have the same unmistakable appeal that reefkeeping holds.
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Bromeliad Neoregelia Index

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I have had the pleasure of working with many different species of plants in various vivariums over the last 10 years or so, and bromeliads will remain one of my absolute favorites. The amazing variance of color, shape, and size, along with the incredible utility bromeliads provide as laying sites and reservoirs for maintaining humidity, make them an indispensable asset to vivaria. They are highly collectible, robust with proper care,  and incredibly addicting, so be prepared to fall in love and start your own collection!
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Why living displays?

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As far back as human history can see, the human race has shown a very deep and profound fascination with the natural world around them. That fascination has driven us to learn everything we can about the intricate inner-workings of the life that teems in even the smallest nooks and cracks. We want to be a part of it, to observe it unfolding before our eyes, and delve into that world and absorb all of its wonder. It is this very drive that living displays, like aquariums, were born from.
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